Schiedam in Motion

how smart land use enables sustainable communities! 

Schiedam in Motion is a program of the city of Schiedam (78.000 inhabitants) which is a dynamic answer on planning challenges to improve the quality of life by integrating sportfacilities, building sustainable houses and making its citizins move.

Schiedam aims to promote upward social mobility for its citizens and to revitalise the city.  While dealing with the extra challenge that the high population density poses, Schiedam needs to improve the housing stock and provide the citizens with good facilities. Schiedam likes talented, economically successful citizens to remain in the city.

What difference has it made?

So far this programme has resulted in new, multi-functional sports facilities and addition of 640 more dwellings that facilitate Schiedam citizens in their local housing career.

Sportpark Willem-Alexander

Urban development programme

60 ha. on several sites in Schiedam

  • Sportpark Willem-Alexander opened in October 2016 with 7.000 visitors
  • Hockeycomplex HC Schiedam opening April 2017
  • Sportpark Harga (2018)
  • Park Harge
  • Schiedamse Meesters

640 new dwellings

260 sold, 380 more upon this summer

  • Park Harga (156 all electric houses, delivery December 2017)
  • Schiedamse Meesters (100 luxe houses, delivery Summer 2018)
A4 motorway integration

The A4 motorway is integrated

a tunnel that is over 2,5 km long

  • The A4 motorway is integrated in a tunnel that is over 2,5 km long and therefore invisible and nearly inaudible in the adjacent neighbourhoods of Schiedam. This leads to a major mitigation in air and sound contamination (opening December 2015)
Hockeycomplex HC

Sports facilities

state of the art

  • About 4500 members of sport clubs and a regional dance school are provided with new, state of the art sports facilities.